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#154999   |2010-12-19 13:38 GMT |  Rispondi   


by Andrew Michalak

IFBB International Congress held in Baku, in conjunction with the 2010 World Men’s Championships, approved several important propositions regarding physique sports.

Bikini model approved
IFBB Congress officially approved a new discipline – bikini model category. This category is intended for women with nice physique, body lines and beauty, running healthy lifestyle and nutrition but with no necessary athletic training. Overall body proportions, body tone and healthy appearance as well as face beauty and associated details: hair-style, make-up, skin tone and skin color will be assessed. Strict, visible definition with muscle details will not be allowed.
The contest will include two rounds. The first round (bikini, any color, high-heel shoes) will begin with individual “T-walking”, followed by comparisons in two positions: front and back stance. The top six athletes will advance to the finals which include “T-walking” and compulsory turns: front and back stance performed two times.

New classic bodybuilding categories!
The Congress approved new classic bodybuilding categories as follows:

Up to 168 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 0 kg
Up to 171 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 2 kg
Up to 175 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 4 kg
Up to 180 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 6 kg
Over 180 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 8 kg
- body height over 190 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 9 kg
- body height over 198 cm: max bodyweight [kg] = (Height [cm] – 100) + 10 kg

T-walking in all women’s fitness and bodyfitness categories!
T-walking is so impressive that the Congress approved it for all women’s fitness and bodyfitness categories but in the finals only.

Zero points in the fitness finals!
The Congress approved new procedure for men’s and women’s fitness judging: all athletes advanced to the finals will start with “zero-point” status (like in bodybuilding). The finals will consist of two rounds:
- Round 3: Fitness routine (90 seconds)
- Round 4: Physique assessment (T-walking + quarter turns)
Both rounds will be scored but Round 4 subscores will be double.

All these changes will be officially implemented from January 1st, 2011.

No more swimsuit round in bodyfitness
But there is one change which will start immediately (from the Fitness World Cup in Budapest): there will be no swimsuit round in bodyfitness. Analysis carried out by the IFBB Judges Committee showed that there were no significant differences in places given by the judges in Round 1 (black bikini) and Round 2 (swimsuit). Moreover, one-piece attires are expensive and this round made the contests much more longer.



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#155001   |2010-12-19 18:33 GMT |  Rispondi   

thanx x the info...


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#155002   |2010-12-20 10:24 GMT |  Rispondi   

ottima notizia molto interessante,chiarezza e' fatta....grazie

non e' che puo' vincere le gare solo perche'ha le righe al culo!!!


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#155015   |2010-12-22 10:30 GMT |  Rispondi   

bravo ale questa e' un grande notizia

la passione e' cio che ci manda avanti anche quando il risultato sembra impossibile